Looking forward to a wonderful year in Wet Ink.


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Hope that everyone had a  happy, safe, and relaxing holiday season and that 2017 is off to a good start.

2016 was a pretty crazy year for a lot of folks–

but for Wet Ink it’s been fantastic and we just have to celebrate.

Here are a few of the highlights:

•We just  completed another round of The Wet Ink Fall Intensives with our much loved and respected  Jane Heyman and our newest facilitator Mindy Parfitt, who did an amazing job–and we welcomed lots of talented new members to our community.

unnamedThe sessions were held at the beautiful new Arts Club  Goldcorp Stage 

Last spring we also ran two Intensive sessions at the Arts Club Granville Island with Jane Heyman and Liesl Lafferty who also organized the BC Buds presentation with our newest members.

Dressing room








Big congratulations to all the new and returning  playwrights who attended our intensives this year.

•Wet Ink  had a great showing at the Fringe 2016, and  were especially  thrilled to  discover that 3 out of the 5 Vancouver Pick of the Fringe shows this year were Wet Ink Collective playwrights. Beverley Elliott, Sink or Swim, Sally StubbsAnd Bella Sang with Us, and the talented young writers Debra Voght and Britt McCloud Carry On The Musical  So proud of you all.

•And Congrats to the Wet Ink  member playwrights with shows in the Fringe that enjoyed rave reviews and almost sold out runs.  Yvette Dudley Neuman The F Words and Veronique West Marrow.  

Last Spring we presented our first ever reading series at the beautiful Goldcorp stage,  which was a great success featuring Rosemary Rowe’s  award winning script The Good Bride and Maureen Robinson’s beautifully intense, funny  and oh so  sexy A Kitchen Pas de Deux

Thanks to  Rachel Ditor rachel-ditor-for-blogand Bill Millerd  of the Arts Club for all  their generous  support in the reading series and all the help they have given to Wet Ink  for the past five years.  bill-millerd









There was also a showing of Wet Inkers at the Firehall Theatre’s BC Bud’s Festival of new work. Thanks to Liesl Lafferty for organizing that event in the studio with our newest playwrights.  Thanks Donna Spencer for your generous support of Wet Ink and inviting us to participate for the past 4 plus years. 510852658_1280x720 (1)









We can’t forget Loretta Seto’s Dirty Old Woman returned to the Cultch as part of the 2016  season after winning the Cultchivating the Fringe award and Pick of the Fringe in 2014. Co-produced by VACT  the  remount of this show starred Wet Ink member Susinn McFarlen and featured  Wet Inker  Alison Kelly along with Emmelia Gordon and Howie Lai and was directed by another  Wet Inker  Lynna Goldhar Smith.

We are planning to celebrate all the Wet Ink playwrights who had their work produced, workshopped or who self-produced their new work  in public readings or festivals etc. in 2016.

Please send us any info that you think we might not know about. We’d love to hear from you.

We don’t want to forget anyone. (wetinkcollective@gmail.com)

Hope to see some of you try one of our writing intensives or return to do another one.

Here’s to another year of celebrating– and supporting  women playwrights to support themselves. Yay!!!!




duskyAs we head into a new season of  Wet Ink Collective we are proud to announce that this year 3 of the 5 winners of the Pick of the Vancouver   Award went to  shows written by  Wet Ink Collective members. Congratulations Sally Stubbs for AND BELLA SANG WITH US, Beverley Elliott for SINK OR SWIM  and Debra Vogt for CARRY ON THE MUSICAL

Tickets and information for the encore performances at Performance Works can be found here. 



Wet Ink Collective is now accepting applications for its Fall 2016 Intensive with Mindy Parfitt.


unnamedThis 10-week workshop will run from Sept. 27 to Nov. 29, Tuesday evenings, 6:00-10:00 PM, at the Arts Club (exact location TBA). During the workshop, writers will have the opportunity to develop new work, or work on an existing piece already in progress. Please note, this workshop is not an introduction to playwriting, but rather for playwrights with previous experience, theatre artists transitioning into a writing practice, and writers with experience in other genres.
Participants are expected to present their work to the group every other week and to also provide feedback, support, and community to fellow participants in a safe, professionally facilitated environment. The cost for the 10-week workshop is $310.00, which includes membership to Wet Ink Collective. If interested, please  click here to apply  Deadline for applications: July 10, 2016.

What a year!!!!


It was a fantastic year for Wet Ink Collective.  We completed two  rounds  of Intensive workshops led by Jane Heyman and Liesl Lafferty. We welcomed back returning playwright members and many new members. Our community is growing.

Our  season ended with our first annual Spring Reading Series generously sponsored by The Arts Club at the Goldcorp Stage-BMO Centre, and the same week,  our newest playwright members read selections from their new plays at the Firehall Theatre Centre’s annual BC Bud’s Festival  under the direction of Liesl Lafferty

We are incredibly grateful for the amazing support that Wet Ink Collective has received from the Arts Club. Special thanks to  Rachel Ditor

Rachel DItor and of course Bill Millerd



We also want to thank Donna Spencer at the Firehall Arts Centre for her ongoing support of our work.   We are very grateful to these amazing leaders in our community for their generosity and encouragement. 510852658_1280x720 (1)

Our first annual reading series was a huge step for our company as the event was a fully professional Equity workshop. It was a wonderful event  at the Beautiful Goldcorp stage and well attended by an incredibly supportive audience. This year we featured two of our talented playwrights

Maureen Robinson


and Rosemary Rowe.


Maureen Robinson’s  play A Kitchen Pas de Deux is a smart dark comedy that asks a lot of interesting questions about love and lust, loyalty and betrayal,  truth and  lies– and is filled with laughs, plot twists, and plenty of food for thought.

The workshop was directed by Jane Heyman

featuring talented  Vancouver actors:

Gillian Fargey 13071884_1208420505849204_6389828442971876886_o

and Chirag Naik. 13116089_1209119095779345_6605789645519040226_o

A Kitchen Pas de Deux was a finalist at the Theatre BC National Playwriting Competition  under the simpler title of Kitchen Party; it was produced at the Vancouver Fringe, where it received very positive reviews. Since then, the script has been workshopped through the Wet Ink Collective, a Colleen Murphy masterclass, and a reading Wet Ink looks forward to whatever is coming next for this wonderful  playwright and her script. We’ll keep you posted with what Maureen is up to.
Rosemary Rowe’s  play  The Good Bride is a hilarious, thought provoking  theatrical investigation of a world that few of us  will ever  come to know. Inspired by a true story, The Good Bride is a nuanced exploration of faith in the context of modern religious fundamentalism. Developed through the Wet Ink Collective’s playwriting intensives in 2014/15, The Good Bride opened Northern Light Theatre’s 40th season in Edmonton in October of 2015.

“. . .The Good Bride is among the most sharp, funny scripts about faith you’re likely to find.” – Vue Weekly

“A complex funny/sad affair, horrifying and touching.” – Edmonton Journal

BTW–We are thrilled  to celebrate with Rosemary  the fact that the Northern Light Production in Edmonton has been nominated for a Sterling Award. Rumour has it that it’s going up in Calgary soon. More on that anon. Congratulations and tons of love.

The Wet Ink workshop of Rosemary’s play was directed by Lynna Goldhar Smith

featuring the incredible talents of Marissa Emma Smith


So as you can see we are very proud of our accomplishments this season and are gearing up now for the fall of 2016 with two new  Fall 2016 Intensive workshops facilitated by Jane Heyman and Mindy Parfit. Hope that some of you will join us. If you are interested in participating in workshops in the fall applications are here and info about the workshops–here  





Wet Ink Collective First Annual Spring Reading Series




Please join us for our first annual Wet Ink Collective Spring Reading Series, featuring two of our member playwrights. 2 plays! 2 nights! Details are below – hope to see you there!


Date: May 3 & 4, 2016 at 7:30 p.m.

Location: Goldcorp Stage at the BMO Theatre Centre

162 West 1st Ave, Vancouver, British Columbia V5Y 0H6

Admission: FREE – donations welcome.

Tuesday May 3 @ 7:30p.m.

A Kitchen Pas de Deux

Written by Maureen Robinson

Directed by *Jane Heyman

Featuring *Jillian Fargey and *Chirag Naik

** “The participation of this Artist is (these Artists are) arranged by permission of Canadian Actors’ Equity Association under the provisions of the DanceOperaTheatre Policy (DOT).”


A young man breaks into a lakeside cabin late at night and gets more than he bargained for when the cabin’s lone inhabitant, a mature woman, takes extreme steps to defend her property. Over the next 24 hours, their story unfolds like an intricate and dangerous pas de deux. Who has the upper hand? Who is leading whom? A fiercely funny two-hander, A Kitchen Pas de Deux is about grief, trespassing, and those fleeting connections that remind us we’re alive.

A Kitchen Pas de Deux was a finalist at the Theatre BC National Playwriting Competition in 2001 under the simpler title of Kitchen Party; it was produced at the Vancouver Fringe in 2003, where it received very positive reviews. Since then, the script has been workshopped through the Wet Ink Collective, a Colleen Murphy masterclass, and a reading; the story has evolved through the process into its current form.

Wednesday May 4 @ 7:30 p.m.

The Good Bride

Written by Rosemary Rowe

Directed by *Lynna Goldhar Smith

Featuring *Marisa Emma Smith

* “The participation of this Artist is (these Artists are) arranged by permission of Canadian Actors’ Equity Association under the provisions of the DanceOperaTheatre Policy (DOT).”


Every night from 3pm to midnight, 15 year old Quiverfull Christian Maranatha puts on her wedding dress and hopes that today will be the day her 28 year old groom Pete comes to claim her. Daddy, the pastor, sent her to the Pullmans’ house to wait until God tells him it’s time for her marriage. Maranatha is so excited to submit to Pete’s godly leadership and fill his quiver with arrows for Christ. But as her pre-wedding wait wears on, Maranatha finds herself confronted with questions her faith may not be able to answer. Is condemnation more righteous than compassion? If she has “hot shivers” for someone other than her fiancé, is that adultery? Is she making an idol of her nightly Chick-Fil-A shake? Inspired by a true story, The Good Bride is a nuanced exploration of faith in the context of modern religious fundamentalism.

Developed through the Wet Ink Collective’s playwriting intensives in 2014/15, The Good Bride opened Northern Light Theatre’s 40th season in Edmonton in October of 2015.

“Rosemary Rowe’s The Good Bride is among the most sharp, funny scripts about faith you’re likely to find.” – Vue Weekly

“A complex funny/sad affair, horrifying and touching.” – Edmonton Journal





Maureen Robinson is a lapsed playwright inspired back into the writer’s fold by the Wet Ink Collective. Working at the long table of the Wet Ink Collective, with so many talented writers and with Jane Heyman’s supportive leadership, was motivation enough to grease the grinding gears of creativity and kick her in the proverbial ass. Back in the 90’s, her plays Nitebooth and My Mirror Myself were produced by the New Play Centre (now Playwrights Theatre Centre) as part of their Springrites Series. She also won an award from the Theatre B.C. National Playwriting Competition for her play Rye and Shine, and numerous other honourable mentions.



Rosemary Rowe is playwright, essayist, blogger and performer whose plays, cabaret pieces and occasional donut performance art have been produced on stages across Canada. Most recently, her play The Good Bride had its world premiere, opening the 40th Season of Edmonton’s Northern Light Theatre; her Camp Victoria received its world premiere at Lunchbox Theatre in Calgary, where it was nominated for a Betty Mitchell Award for Outstanding New Play; one of her oldest plays, No One Showed Up for the Anarchist Rally, was staged as part of Theatre Network’s Nextfest 20th Anniversary Showcase. Her short play “Anne and Diana were TOTALLY DOING IT” was published in Queering the Way: The Loud and Queer Anthology and her essay “Aspiring Lesbian Aunt” was published in the LAMBDA Literary Award nominated anthology A Family By Any Other Name: Exploring Queer Relationships. Rose is currently collaborating with composer and lyricist Cameron Northey on a musical version of her Edmonton Fringe hit Alice Didn’t Have Those Mondo Ears. She’s…pretty sure they’ll change that title.





Spring Workshops spaces available for new members


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 To apply for a spot in our up and coming spring workshops–

Click here to download an application

If you have trouble downloading the application–

please email us at wetinkcollective@gmail.com

and we will send it to you.

Once you’ve filled it out– attach it to an email and send it to us

here’s the email again


If you do not wish to apply at this time but would like to stay in touch please join our Facebook community and you will get all our posts

Here’s the link



Great news to share.





We at WET INK COLLECTIVE, are honoured to be amongst the nominees for this years Bra D’Or Award from the Playwrights Guild of Canada.

Thanks so much to the Women’s caucus for all that you do to support female playwrights.

This award is presented annually to individuals who have supported the advancement of Canadian Women Playwrights.

From our humble beginnings of three playwrights coming together to learn to self-produce at a Block P Workshop at Playwrights Theatre Centre, we have gone on to found an organization that now includes 30 other female playwrights.

Wet Ink receives no funding and relies solely on its artistic directors Susinn McFarlen, Lynna Goldhar Smith and Loretta Seto, its talented facilitators, Jane Heyman and Liesl Lafferty, its playwright members, and its wonderful board of directors.

In the beginning we wanted to form an organization that would help writers show up for their work. To this end, we designed writing intensives and hired Jane Heyman to act as our mentor. However, in the five years since WET INK COLLECTIVE has come together, we have built a writing community, initiated a salon series where we celebrate women writers who are being produced in our city– (some past salon guests have included  Yvette Nolan, Meghan Gardiner and Lucia Frangione), we have run two masterclass workshops facilitated by Colleen Murphy, and we are in the process of building a partnership with the  Vancouver Asian Canadian Theatre (VACT).

With so much growth and activity, we had to hire an additional mentor – Liesl Lafferty, and are now in preparations for our Spring Workshops.

As a result of our Playwright Intensive Workshops, we are proud to celebrate our members who have had productions and/or are in development with professional theatres and theatre organizations such as: Presentation House Theatre, Arts Club Theatre, Firehall Arts Centre, Ruby Slippers  Advance Theatre: New Works by Women Festival,  The Cultch, Vancouver Fringe Festival, Edmonton Fringe Festival, Centennial Theatre, Gateway Theatre, Winnipeg’s FemFest, Vancouver’s  Art’s Club ReAct Festival, Vancouver’s Alley Theatre, and Edmonton’s Northern Light Theatre .

We also encourage and support all our members in their endeavours to self-produce.

We are expanding our vision for the coming season and look forward to what’s next for our thriving and growing company.

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Company photo

Exciting news.


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Talented Actor-Writer and much loved

Wet Ink Collective member–

Jill Daum, of Mom’s the Word Fame–

has had her script “Forget About Tomorrow

selected by Ruby Slippers, for their

Advance Theatre Series,  New Works by Women.

As a response to the under-representation of women in theatre,

the Advance Theatre  Series will showcase dramatic readings

of five new plays by Canadian women playwrights

over five days during the Vancouver Fringe Festival.

Jill’s reading, directed by Pam Johnson, will be Sept 18th at 1:30 pm.

We will let you know about the venue as soon as we have that info.

Forget About Tomorrow is a dramatic/comedy that weaves together the experiences of Jane, Tom, and their two ‘adult children’, in the months following Tom’s diagnosis with Early Onset Alzheimer Disease. Each family member struggles with their own personal fears, questions about love, memory, and life’s purpose. But when Jane questions the meaning of being loyal to a man who will ultimately forget her name, the family’s unity is put into peril.

Congratulations Jill We are so glad to have participated in the development of your play.


Call for applications.


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We hope you are keeping nice and cool in this hot summer weather.

We just wanted to give you the heads up  that we have some spaces available in the up and coming Fall Intensive Workshops with Jane Heyman and Liesl Lafferty.

Here’s what we do.

Over a period of ten weeks a group of female writers commit to achieve their  individual writing goals, with the support encouragement and accountability provided by the group. Every participant is responsible for directing their own progress and determining what they need from their fellow writers. Some writers are working on a first draft, while others might be further along in their process. Our facilitators, Jane Heyman and Liesl Lafferty, are both experienced professional theatre artists, master teachers and directors, who are skilled at bringing out the very best in every writer.  The group is structured to ensure that everyone gets equal time and attention on their plays. If you would like to read about the progress, our writers have made in our workshop– click here

Who can apply?

•Emerging and mid career playwrights, who have had at least one play produced or self-produced.

•Professional theatre artists from another discipline such as actor, director or designer, transitioning to a dedicated writing practice.

•Writers from another discipline, such as screen-writing or fiction, who wish to try their hand at a stage play.

Cost: $310 (for 10 weeks, includes $10 annual membership fee)

If you are accepted you will be asked to submit a $100.00 non-refundable deposit  by August 1st 2015 with the remainder due September 1st. 2015

*Sorry we do not take beginners at this time as we do not teach playwriting but rather facilitate play development for writers  already trained in the basics.

If you would like to apply you can download our application and then email it back to us at wetinkcollective.ca  Click here


Gearing up for Fall 2015


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It might seem a bit early to be announcing our Fall 2015 Playwrights Intensives but as spots fill up quickly we are getting the ball rolling now. We will be opening for application the week of July 1st so you have a few days to think about it. To help you make up your mind here’s some of Wet Ink’s accomplishments in 20214/15 /

Susinn McFarlen’s dark comedy, Since You Left Us was produced to sell out houses and  excellent reviews at Presentation House Theatre in North Vancouver, directed by Amiel Gladstone and starring Jillian Fargey, Erla Forsythe, Colleen Wheeler, Mike Wasko, Derek Metz and Mike Gill. It made two Best of 2014 Theatre Lists and received a nomination for Outstanding Performance by an actress for Colleen Wheeler.

Loretta Seto’s very funny play Dirty Old Woman, directed by Lynna Goldhar Smith,starring Susinn McFarlan, Emmelia Gordon, Robert Salvador and Alison Kelly was a Pick of Vancouver’s Fringe Festival and made the Georgia Straight’s Top Ten Fringe shows. It also won the fantastic Cultchivating Award, which means the play is slated for production at the Vancouver East Cultural Centre in 2016.

Beverley Elliot’s heartwarming one-woman show …didn’t see that coming was a Pick of the Vancouver Fringe Festival and has legs in 2015. It will be presented at the Brackendale Theatre in Squamish and Unity Church in Bellingham in February, the Centennial Theatre in North Vancouver in May and the Gateway in Richmond next November.

Crystal Verge’s MOW, Fatal Memories was shot in Vancouver in October for Odyssey Media Inc. with Farhad Mann directing; starring Italia Ricci, Magda Apanowicz and Kevin McNulty. Another MOW, Woman On The Ledge, is currently in development with Odyssey. Her full-length play Caged (formerly titled Saving Gracie) was shortlisted for Nightwood Theatre’s National Playreading Festival, Toronto, has a workshop scheduled with Kim Selody at Presentation House and has been shortlisted for Touchstone/PTC/Firehall Theatre’s Flying Start Program and we just got the exciting news that Crystal will be seeing her play produced by Presentation House Theatre with the new title For the Love of Gracie.

Liesl Lafferty was hired by Realwheels Theatre to dramaturg their production, Re-calculating. After a couple of workshops, the company decided to commission Liesl as a playwright. She has completely re-worked the project with the original playwright, Lucas Foss. Recalculating will be produced January 22 to 24, 2015, at CBC Studio 700 in Vancouver.

Sally Stubbs had three plays receiving attention. Centurions was a finalist for Nightwood Theatre’s National Playreading Series in Toronto where it was workshopped and given a public reading at their New Groundswell Festival; Director/Dramaturg: Kelly Thornton. It will also be presented at the Women Playwrights International Conference 2015, Cape Town, S. Africa with Sally attending as a playwright delegate. And it had a reading at Emerging Voices, Staged Readings of Canadian Plays at Theatre One in Nanaimo with Director/Dramaturg: Nicolle Nattrass. And Bella Sang With Us was published by Scirocco Drama in October. Workshops and readings took place at Firehall Theatre’s BC Buds Festival, directed by Sarah Rodgers, and at Girls Gone Wilde Late Night Performance Cabaret at Urban Curvz Theatre in Calgary. Spinning You Home was presented at Suncor Stage One Festival, Lunchbox Theatre, Calgary, Director/Dramaturg: Jacqueline Russell and Interim Artistic Director, Lunchbox: Pamela Halstead.

Rosemary Rowe’s play Camp Victoria received its world premiere at Lunchbox Theatre in Calgary in March and was nominated for a Betty Mitchell award for Outstanding New Play. She has an up and coming production of The Good Bride her newest work in Edmonton this coming fall.

Leslie Stark’s, play, Eidola a collaborative exploration of Shakespeare’s female characters was produced by the Elegant Ladies Collective for the Vancouver Fringe and Leslie and company are gearing up for a new edition in the up and coming Vancouver Fringe Festival.

Barbara Ellison also produced her evocative play, Slumming at The Vancouver Fringe Festival.

Lynna Goldhar Smith’s new musical, The World According to GG Silverman was workshopped under the direction of Jane Heyman with a cast of ridiculously talented young professional actors. Now Lynna is busy composing the musical score with Dylan McNulty and Bill Costin and also working on the book of her next musical.

Jill Daum completed a strong first draft of her new full-length play, Forget About Tomorrow and promptly had the first public read through. She recently won the John Moffat Larry Lillo award at the Jessie Richardson Awards in Vancouver.

Barbara Pollard completed a draft of her play  Mother Loving Son and had a reading with Peninsula Productions.

Dolores Drake completed a first draft of her hilarious yet harrowing play, The Distance Between Toronto and Newfoundland and we are looking forward to seeing it at the up and coming Vancouver Fringe in September of 2015 directed by Lynna Goldhar Smith.

And  last but not least we can’t forget the BC Buds Festival of New Work where our newest associates– Veronique West, Virginia Gillespie, Kim Seary, Pippa Johnstone,  Rosemary Rowe, Kim Larson,  Dawn Milman, Yumi Ogawa, Yvette Dudley-Neuman- Elissa Vann Struth, Gabriella Klein, CJ McGillivray and  Liesl Lafferty, were invited to present  excerpts from their new work. And Yvette Dudley Neuman by the way was a finalist in the Theatre BC Playwrights Competition winning an honourable mention and a reading of her play The F Words.

Thank you to all who have supported and encouraged Wet Ink and all of this work!  We are devoted to empowering each other to commit wholeheartedly to our writing practices.

Stay tuned for more info the week of July 1st about the Fall Intensives.